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If a FICO score comes in at less than 620, this can normally be seen as a bad credit score. There are several factors going into the score, including the consumer’s payment history and how much debt is held.

The time it takes to get your payday loan really depends on when you sign the offer. You can get started on it now, by submitting your online request to Direct Payday Loans. As soon as you receive an offer, sign it and your cash will be prepared very quickly. Your lender can give you more details on the time frame.

When you send your request to us at Direct Payday Loans, you don’t need to worry about how you can spend your money. When you pick up the funds, the money is yours to spend as you please. There are no restrictions on what you buy with the money. The only concern is that the loan is repaid according to the offer you sign.

The best way to fix your bad credit status is by reducing the amount of debt you have and by paying your bills on time. For instance, if you get a payday loan and pay it back according to the terms, that might help. But what’s even better is to make a habit of always paying your bills according to the due date and paying off the money you owe. You can send us your online request for a payday loan so we can help you look for a reputable lender..

We work with reputable, online lenders. When you get an offer from a lender and you want to sign it, go ahead. You aren’t under any requirement to sign it, but if you do you can rest assured that the costs involved in the loan will not change. Nothing will be added to the amount after you sign it, assuming you will repay it according to the terms.

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